If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile, and affordable SUV for your next adventure in Dubai, the Toyota Rush 2021 is a great option to consider. This SUV is perfect for families, groups of friends, or solo travelers who need a vehicle that can handle both urban and off-road environments. At GoCity Car Rental, we offer the Toyota Rush 2021 for rent, so you can experience its impressive features and specifications firsthand.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Toyota Rush 2021 has to offer:

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the Toyota Rush 2021 is powered by a 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 103 horsepower and 136 Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth and responsive acceleration. The Toyota Rush 2021 also features a four-wheel-drive system, which enhances traction and stability on slippery or uneven terrain.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the Toyota Rush 2021 doesn’t disappoint. This SUV comes equipped with a range of advanced safety features, including:

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): This system prevents the wheels from locking up during sudden braking, which helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC): VSC helps prevent skidding and loss of traction by adjusting engine power and braking force to each wheel.

Hill-start Assist Control (HAC): HAC prevents the vehicle from rolling back when starting on a steep incline.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS): ESS activates the hazard lights when the driver makes an abrupt stop, warning other drivers of a potential hazard.

Reverse Camera: This feature provides a clear view of what’s behind the vehicle, making reversing and parking easier and safer.

Interior Features

The Toyota Rush 2021 offers a spacious and comfortable interior that can seat up to seven passengers. The second and third rows of seats can be folded down to create more cargo space, making it ideal for transporting bulky items or luggage. Other interior features of the Toyota Rush 2021 include:

Air Conditioning: The air conditioning system provides effective cooling in hot and humid conditions, ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Infotainment System: The Toyota Rush 2021 comes equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system that includes Bluetooth connectivity, USB and auxiliary ports, and a six-speaker audio system.

Keyless Entry and Push-Button Start: These features allow the driver to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle without using a key.

Power Windows and Mirrors: The power windows and mirrors can be adjusted at the touch of a button, making it easy to get the perfect driving position.

Exterior Features

The Toyota Rush 2021 features a stylish and modern exterior design that is sure to turn heads. Some of its notable exterior features include:

LED Headlights and Taillights: These lights provide better visibility and enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance.

Roof Rails: The roof rails allow for additional cargo to be carried on top of the vehicle, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Alloy Wheels: The 17-inch alloy wheels add a touch of sophistication to the vehicle and provide improved handling and performance.

Rear Spoiler: The rear spoiler not only adds a sporty look to the Toyota Rush 2021 but also improves aerodynamics, reducing wind drag and improving fuel efficiency.

Fuel Economy

The Toyota Rush 2021 has an impressive fuel economy, with an estimated consumption of 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers. This means that you can travel long distances without having to worry about refueling frequently, making it an excellent choice for road trips and outdoor adventures.

The Toyota Rush 2021 is a reliable and affordable SUV that offers a comfortable ride and excellent performance. It is a popular choice for car rentals in Dubai due to its impressive features and specifications. GoCity Car Rental offers Toyota Rush 2021 for rent, which comes with advanced safety features, modern technology, and spacious cabin. Whether you are planning a family trip or a group outing, the Toyota Rush 2021 is a perfect car rental option that offers great value for money.